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Seattle Met Taste Test: Holiday Cookies

We sorted through the treats so you could create the perfect holiday cookie platter this year.

By Lindsey Hall December 15, 2010


The ultimate holiday cookie platter would be populated only with winners—not an overly sweet or dry treat in the bunch.

This is what we wish for you this year. To make it happen, our panel of tasters worked their way through 17 cookies from five local bakeries and took notes on what we loved, and didn’t love, about each one.

Check out the slideshow to find out our top three favorite cookies, and for tasting notes and ordering info on all the goodies.

And remember: any cookie can be a holiday cookie, the key is to match the seasonals (gingerbread, sugar cookies) with the year-rounders (peanut butter, chocolate chip).

All photos by Kat Wertzler.

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