Fremont’s About to Get a New Late-Night Spot

Pie’s owners plan to court Fremont revelers by the New Year.

By Christopher Werner December 21, 2010

Pie co-owners Renee Steen (left) and Jessamy Whitsitt at the bakery’s takeout window. Photo by Kat Wertzler.

UPDATE 1/5/11: Pie is officially open as of Wednesday, January 5.

More pie!

It’s just a matter of days before the Fremont Ave bakery named for the staple item opens for business. When I stopped by last week, construction on the sliver of a space was still underway, but co-owners Renee Steen and Jessamy Whitsitt were hopeful they could sell their hand-held minis right around Christmas.

When it does open, Pie will bake in-house an all-butter-crust menu that inclines toward savories. Steen grew up on European pastries, so Occidental eats such as pie-wrapped sausages will get their due. Other flavors mentioned include chicken tarragon, a "Seattle Pie" with smoked salmon, goat cheese, and chives, and spaghetti and meatball. That last one is likely to appear on the limited late-night menu, which Steen and Whitsitt will hawk from a take-away window Thursday-Saturday until 2:30am.

Sweet teeth shan’t be dismayed. The duo mentioned fillings like peanut butter and jelly, and s’mores. Plus, Whitsitt claims a wicked apple pie. What you definitely won’t find: crusts larger than the palm of your hand, or items priced over $5.

More of a grab-and-go type place than anything else (the inside won’t seat more than 10, Steen and Whitsitt say, though they’re zoned for a generous slice of sidewalk come summer), Pie will serve breakfast and lunch to start in addition to those party time hours.

Other cool things to note: "pie hour," during which pies are priced at $3.14 (get it?); treats for dogs; the giant neon sign that reads "Butter Makes Everything Better"; and the "Breakfast Delight," baked with an egg on top. Yum.

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