Canlis Clue Review: Part II!

Clues 11-26 started at Warren Magnuson’s desk and ended at both ends of the Burke Gilman. Let’s relive the magic, shall we?

By Hilary Meyerson December 9, 2010


Here is our second installment of the Canlis Clue Review, in which we look inside the scavenger hunt that has sent Seattleites careening all around town in the hopes of scoring a 1950 Canlis menu (find the menu, dine at the restaurant’s 1950 prices). The Canlis brothers—Brian and Mark—are the masterminds behind this epic marketing endeavor, they wait at the site of each hidden clue to congratulate the winners.

You can read about clues one through 10 here. This time we’re starting with Clue 11, which led scavengers to the UW’s Suzzallo library. Once you’ve solved it, click on the slideshow to see clues 12-26.

Clue 11: Egg-iasm Keds
Location: At Warren Magnuson’s desk at the Suzzallo Library.

The clue is a word scramble of Maggies Desk. Mark Canlis sat at the desk, and stuck the menu in a bottom drawer. He wrote the drawer location on a piece of paper which he turned face down on the desk. Then he waited, trying to appear to be working. It was a very rainy night, and soon a man in a wet raincoat approached, out of place in the student library. He approached the desk uncertainly. Mark looked up and said, “Can I help you find something?” The man said, “I’m looking for a menu?” in a very apologetic manner, at which point Mark slid the paper to him, got up and headed for the library door. He heard celebratory whoops behind him as the winner retrieved the menu.

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