Canlis Clue Review Part IV: Stage One Concludes with the Final Five!

In clues 46 through 50.

By Hilary Meyerson December 21, 2010


Here is our fourth installment of the Canlis Clue Review, in which we look inside the scavenger hunt that has sent Seattleites careening all around town in the hopes of scoring a 1950 Canlis menu (find the menu, dine at the restaurant’s 1950 prices). The Canlis brothers—Brian and Mark—are the masterminds behind this epic marketing endeavor, they wait at the site of each hidden clue to congratulate the winners.

As we learned back in November, the Canlis scavenger hunt has two parts. In the second stage, winners of the 50 menus will compete in one more menu hunt that takes place on New Year’s Day.

The grand prize: The winner gets to give away a free Canlis dinner every year.

Seattle Met will be embedded along with one of the teams in the final scavenger hunt, so look forward to a final post detailing the events and declaring a winner.

Until then, let’s review clues 46 though 50. (To review clues 1 through 46, click on the "Canlis Clue Review" tag below.)

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