Thanks Be to Grapes: Best Wines For Turkey Day

Guest Saucedier Clancey Denis learns which wines pair well with Thanksgiving dinner.

By Clancey Denis November 22, 2010

No need to pray for a good pairing. Local wine experts gave us their picks for Thanksgiving wines.

When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner pairings, wine experts tend to recommend two types of vino: Beaujolais, and pinot noir.

But Steven Brown, owner of 12th and Olive, had another suggestion: the 2009 Schiava from Elena Walch. It’s made from grapes grown in the Alto Adige region in Northern Italy, and is a bargain at $14.99. “Too many people buy wines that overwhelm the flavors of the food," said Brown. But this schiava is a good match for salty dishes, which tend to dominate the Thanksgiving table.

The experts at Esquin prefer pinot with their pilgrim food. They suggested two pinot noirs: the 2008 Sanford Santa Rita Hills ($19.99) or the 2007 Thea’s Selection from Lemelson Vineyards, also $19.99. These wines come from two top pinot noir-growing regions: the Santa Rita Hills AVA in California, and Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

The deal-wheelers over at Seattle Wine Outlet kept things classic and suggested you bring a Beaujolais this year. They note that gamay, the grape varietal used to make Beaujolais, goes well with turkey, is low in tannins, and has a nice acidity. SWO recommended the 2007 Domaine Chatelus de la Roche Beaujolais. A price tag of $11 is your cue to stock on up.

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