The Sauced Gulpable Gift Guide 2010

Gulpable Gift Guide #2: Stocking Stuffer Beers

Five brews to stuff in their stockings and make them smile.

November 30, 2010


Buy these beers. Put them in someone’s stocking or offer them up as host’s gifts at holiday parties. Prepare for happy times.

Duchesse De Bourgogne (Belgium)
Style Flemish red ale
Where to buy Bottleworks
Why to buy Don’t even get me started. The Duchesse explodes with fruity flavor, and is complex as a good wine but satisfying as a tasty brew. Best beer ever?

Ninkasi Sleigh’r (Oregon, USA)
Style dark doüble alt ale
Where to buy Trader Joe’s
Why to buy Let’s say it’s midnight on Christmas night, and you can’t sleep because the air mattress is leaking again. Accept reality: your parents will never buy a new air mattress. Go down to the kitchen, grab a few chocolate chip cookies and a bottle of creamy, malty, chocolate-rich Sleighr. See how suddenly everything’s a little better.

Snoqualmie Falls Avalanche (Washington, USA)
Style winter ale
Where to buy Malt and Vine
Why to buy Your East Coast relations keep saying Northwesterners don’t know how to create hoppy beers that are still balanced. It’s time to shove an Avalanche in their faces.

Witches’ Brew Golden Ale (Belgium)
Style Tripel
Where to Buy Online, at some Whole Foods
Why to buy Allow me to be a label whore for a moment: Look at that bottle! It also tastes good—spicy, with citrus notes.

Goose Island Matilda (Chicago, USA)
Style Belgian pale ale
Where to Buy Madison Market
Why to Buy Goose Island just came to the Pacific Northwest market this year, and there’s a lot to celebrate in these clean, gorgeous brews from the Chicago brewery. Matilda is the crowd-pleaser of the group: spicy (coriander), fruity (orange), and creamy, and it tastes great with food. Share the love, I like to say (though not out loud, since it’s a pretty lame expression).

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