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Is Keg Wine The New Normal?

Two Seattle spots are on the keg tip. It seems we might see more soon.

October 11, 2010

Kegs store wine longer, and make by-the-glass offerings cheaper for everyone.

Photo: raggedshirts.com

The new iteration of The Local Vine on Capitol Hill has been garnering attention for offering two keg wines by the glass, and as Sean Sullivan of Washington Wine Report, um, reports, Bottlehouse in Madrona has plans to start tapping its own very soon.

But how big is this trend going to get? In a New York piece last week, Paul Grieco of Terroir wine bar in New York City told the magazine: “I think every new restaurant that opens will dedicate at least one beer line to wine.”

Every one? Probably not. But the more wine kegs the better for we wine-drinking consumers. Keg wine allows restaurants and bars to offer by-the-glass offerings for a much-reduced price, and by much-reduced I mean, like, half of the normal cost. There’s also less waste—keg wine can stay fresh for months and the kegs themselves are reusable.

I’ll keep you posted as new vino kegs show up around town.

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