Fruit Cobblers in Season NOW at Restaurants All Over Town

Four we adore.

By Kathryn Robinson August 30, 2010

Blackberry cobbler: Tastier than a Seattle summer

It’s still summer, apparently—and the explosion of berry desserts in restaurants are really our only evidence in summers like this. Sigh.

But thank heaven for ‘em, because when they’re done well nothing can compare with their earthy, fruity Northwest sweetness. Or more succulently evoke the kind of days August, ahem, should be bringing us.

In his spankin’ new Seatown Snack Bar Tom Douglas brings off a smooth-topped blackberry cobbler, a steamed one, served warm with vanilla ice cream.

Even better is pastry chef Michael Seidel’s blueberry version at Tilikum Place Cafe, the land of astonishing pastry, where the topping nearly melts into the fruit, and the whole thing is crowned with a sweet dollop of housemade lavender ice cream.

Another winner can be found at Louisa’s Cafe and Bakery, the cheapest of the lot at $4.50, with loads of delectable crust over the fruit-of-the-day—in our case blackberries—and whipped cream.

Finally, never underestimate Chinook’s wild blackberry cobbler, a tart year-round draw, served with ice cream, which gets mysteriously better this time of year. (And pssst: Anthony’s HomePort and its sibling joints offer this cobbler too.)

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