JP Trodden’s whiskey will age for two years at a Woodinville warehouse.

J.P. Trodden, a new Woodinville-based craft distiller, is about to start production on a bourbon-style whiskey.

To qualify as a bourbon [this should read "straight bourbon," see comments for details], whiskey has to be made in the United States from at least 51 percent corn and aged for at least two years in New American oak barrels. In other words, you won’t be tasting J.P. Trodden whiskey for some time.

Distiller Mark Nesheim, who owns J.P. Trodden with wife Jennifer Severson, graduated from the apprentice program at Dry Fly in Spokane. He says he and his wife are big fans of bourbon, so when the law changed the decided to try their hand at making it.

While most new craft distilleries are starting out with an unaged spirit so that they can get a product to the people as soon as possible, Nesheim and Severson are only making whiskey.I look forward to tasting it in 2012.

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