Judging by the number of curious passersby peeping their heads in the windows of Luc this AM, the hotly anticipated bistro is bound to attract quite the crowd upon its debut this Thursday, May 6 at 4pm.

Thierry Rautureau’s second, more dressed-down neighborhood restaurant is situated on the corner of 28th Avenue and Madison Street, just a stone’s throw from his highbrow, perpetually revered Rover’s.

The bulk of Luc’s menu is comprised of entrees and family-style specialties to share—$30 plates that will rotate every night and feature selections such as braised beef tongue, homemade grilled lamb sausage, whole roasted fish, and a pork shoulder roast. Entrees—a burger, beef bourguignon stew, pizza margherita—start at $9.75 and also include a pasta and fish of the day.

As for sides, take your pick between souffle potato chips, white bean or faro stew, and oven-roasted bread with dipping sauces, to name a few. In the next four to six weeks, look for weekend brunch and a take-out menu.

If you can’t make it to Luc this weekend, or more likely, if tables are booked, click the photo above and tour the latest addition to Little France.

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