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Come Honor the Cocktail at Canlis

The party is at 8pm on the 13th and the drinks will be great.

May 5, 2010

This happened: I was invited to take part in a two-hour round-table discussion about cocktails at Canlis on Thursday, May 13 with some people who know a lot more stuff than I do. Genius bartenders Andrew Bohrer, David Nelson, and Duncan Chase (of Taste) will be discussing, and Canlis’s own genius bartender, James MacWilliams, is hosting the thing. Sous-viding brainiac Scott Heimendinger of the Seattle Food Geek blog is joining us as well as Chris Young, who appears to know everything.

I’m just going to be honest with you. I’m a little intimidated. These dudes really know their stuff. I’m just a writer who likes whiskey. (Insert is-there-any-other-kind joke here.)

Anyway, after this round table, at 8pm, Canlis is having a cocktail party. The cost is $35 and it includes specialty drinks and small bites. There are 70 spaces, and here’s the number to call and reserve yours: 206-298-9550. Come say hello. We’ll wax erudite about the future of the American cocktail together while not wearing jeans at Canlis. (You’re not supposed to wear jeans at Canlis.)

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