Canlis’s color-changing margarita, the Prosperina.
Photo: Brian Canlis

You can always wait in line for an hour outside La Carta de Oaxaca. It’s always worth it. Or you could do one of these things.

1. Go to La Casa Azul up north for a strawberry margarita. We’ve talked about this already. That restaurant is awesome.

2. Get a margarita that changes color at the bar at Canlis.

3. Go to Pike Brewing and drink a Cerveza Rosanna—an ale made with chili peppers.

4. Go to Rob Roy and ask owner Zane Harris for something with mezcal. He loves mezcal, (What’s not to love?), and he makes a fine cocktail. The last time I was there, I told him he should have a Cinco de Mayo party, and he didn’t like that idea. We won’t hold that against him because we want the mezcal cocktail.

5. Make some margaritas at home and drink alongside these crazy Theo Chocolate tacos.

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