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By Kathryn Robinson April 19, 2010 Published in the May 2010 issue of Seattle Met

VEGETARIAN? YAWN. VEGAN? How ’90s. Raw food is the thing, having broken loose from LA and migrated up the Left Coast, bringing with it a little crop of specialty restaurants known for, well…not cooking.

1. Chaco Canyon Organic Café

This easygoing vegan café channels the spirit of the U District, circa 1972. With raw nacho plates and vegan chili dogs, think of this as raw food for first-timers. Fab cookies! 4757 12th Ave NE, University District, 206-522-6966;

2. Flying Apron Bakery

Raw food bakery? Okay…no. But the Apron’s broad, delish selection of breads and pastries are vegan, gluten-free, and wheat-free—with the occasional raw salad among its newer café lunch items. A local treasure. 3510 Fremont Ave N, Fremont, 206-442-1115;

3. Healeo

More supplement source–slash–juice bar than bona fide restaurant, the sparkling Healeo nevertheless serves an array of smoothies, hot soups, and veg bowls in addition to a line of raw takeout. Raw sunflower seed “burger,” anyone? 1520 15th Ave, Capitol Hill, 206-453-5066;

4. Thrive

Are the staffers of this 95 percent raw joint really more radiant than the rest of us? Sure looks that way. Come see what the fuss is about at this new Roosevelt café—and whatever you do, don’t leave without a Bhutanese red rice bowl topped with diced fresh veggies and sesame-ginger dressing. And almond milk creamsicles. 1026 NE 65th St, Roosevelt, 206-525-0300;

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