Cafe da Pino in Ravenna

Pino Ragano moved his teensy sausage-curing operation out of the Rainier Valley’s “Garlic Gulch” and into Ravenna about a year and a half ago, but it’s taken me that long to get there.

Cafe da Pino is every bit as undersized and overstuffed as the original; its cases crammed with the housemade sausage restaurants like Brad’s Swingside Cafe and Matt’s in the Market have proudly served their guests, alongside Pellegrino and cases of chianti and imported olive oils and pasta and more.

Oh…and four or five cafe tables for guests.

Worth the wait. Ragano’s meatball sandwich is every inch the big tender goopy mess I so fondly remember from Rainer Avenue; his sausage sandwich even better, pretty killer in fact, drenched in red sauce and melting mozzarella. A big creamy pesto clung to fine ravioli and pine nuts in the nightly special. All in all…yum.

Mostly it’s just a happy little dose of Calabria on 65th; Old-World right down to its happy little pricetags.

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