Bill the Butcher to Open in Madison Valley

The new local chain of neighborhood butcher shops announces a fourth location.

By Jessica Voelker March 30, 2010

I recently learned that Bill the Butcher, the local chain of artisan butcheries that has fast set up shop in Woodinville, Laurelhurst, and Redmond, will open a fourth location. The new store will be in Madison Valley, between City People’s and Cafe Flora, according to CEO J’Amy Owens.

If you haven’t been to BtB yet, prepare yourself. You are in for some beautiful grassfed meats and housemade sausages. Each location caters to the neighborhood it serves, and if you ask for it (you want goat? you want goose?) they’ll find out how to get it for you. Stores are staffed by a head butcher with a culinary background, and, in addition to meats, stock local sundries like scavenger chicken eggs, Boat Street Pickles, and milk and cream from Golden Glen creamery.

Bill the Butcher part IV is scheduled to open in April.

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