Who needs a knife? Just use your finger!

Apparently Friday is World Nutella Day, and people are stoked. Check out this poster from Faire. A disco ball and jar of Nutella, together. Not really sure what the correlation is, but if anything screams party time, it’s a disco ball.

Faire plans to host “the most chocolaty party of the year," and as such will lather the choco-hazelnut spread on everything—croissants, toast, bruschetta (really?)—and in everything—mochas, martinis, etc.

If you’re seeking something more traditional, there are plenty of creperies around town serving face-splattering, finger-lickin’ Nutella nibbles. Try it with bananas at Anita’s in Fremont, or hit up cozy Cap Hill hangout Joe Bar, where the ambience is almost as delicious as the pancakes. Then there’s up-and-coming Queen Anne darling Citizen.

Volunteer Park Café assembles a sinful (and, watch out, messy) Nutella panini stuffed with strawberries, and it makes for a fine topping at The Crumpet Shop, especially when you let the chocolate sit and soak for a minute or two. Divine. Want it in ice cream? Then try the Nutella milkshake at Lunchbox Laboratory. Want it on a pastry? Head to Trophy (although the Nutella cupcake is only offered Wednesdays and Saturdays).

The options are basically endless. Tells us what else you discover.

Happy Nutella noshing, and may you all feel European for a day.

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