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Three Seattle Restaurants Make OpenTable’s Most Romantic 2010

What do you think of OT’s picks?

By Jessica Voelker February 3, 2010

Lowlit and intimate, Spring Hill is romantic by night. And the food is great all the time.

Just saw this on For Valentine’s Day, Open Table listed 50 romantic restaurants around the country. In Seattle: Chez Shea, Il Bistro, and Canlis.

The two market spots are admittedly romantic, and happy hour at Il Bistro is a thing of beauty. But they’re also a little bit…how to say…past their prime. And Canlis is such a no-duh choice. If I had to pick just three romantic Valentine’s destinations where the food is also up to snuff: Crush (although it’s already booked), Spring Hill, and Spinasse.

What are your three?

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