Kate McDermott, master of miraculous crusts, shows Ruth Reichl how it’s done.

Does $135 seem like a lot for a pie-baking class? That’s how much a four-hour session with Art of the Pie’s Kate McDermott costs. McDermott has spent years perfecting her crust, however, and her alums swear she can teach you to make a miracle pie.

Jill Lightner took a class for an Edible Seattle article and wrote this:
"Velvety, sweet filling and a perfectly flaky top and bottom crust. I take a few minutes to marvel at it, as this pie is quite literally marvelous. My brain is swirling with the startling names of apple varieties (Winter Banana? Horneburger Pancake?), with historical facts, with vague ideas about how confidence and emotion can be transferred to inanimate ingredients. As the scent of the baking pies fills the room, I approach sensory delirium."

"Sensory delirium?" That’s quite a recommendation.

The school recently relocated to Diane’s Market Kitchen, just off Spring Street along Post Alley. To find out whether the McDermott crust experience is all it is cracked up to be, sign up for a class here.

Photo by Chloe Kaplan

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