New Obsession: Tina Nordström

The New Scandinavian Cooking host is a refreshing change.

By Christopher Werner January 19, 2010


Of all the food personalities out there, is anyone more adorable than Tina Nordström? Look at that face. The Swedish cutie is a host on PBS’s New Scandinavian Cooking, a show confirming any hunch life in the upper Euro regions really is perfect—and apparently delicious.

There are a couple of things to love about Nordström: how she says "baterrrr" instead of butter; the carefree, heavy-handed use of alcohol in practically every dish; her off-kilter English; the way she bops around Sweden with a makeshift kitchen and sets up shop alongside cows, rivers, on a boat, wherever. But above all her show is refreshing. It’s anything but a cookie-cutter Food Network fabrication. While preparing dishes foreign to most Americans she is goofy, fumbly, and lacks the impeccable finesse of other cooking hosts. She makes a point of having fun, and that’s what cooking is all about, right?

A caveat: Nordström just wrapped up her season on PBS. Big bummer, but you can order her DVDs, cookbooks, watch video clips, and get all things Tina here.

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