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Unsung Pub Grub: Onion Rings at Old Town Alehouse

A neighborhoood pub on Ballard Ave is quietly serving the most righteous rings in town.

By Jessica Voelker January 11, 2010

Onion rings are not an everyday food. They are a holy-crap-I’m-starving, every once in a while kind of food. At least for me. And for my $7, the place in town that does them best is the classic Old Town Alehouse on Ballard Ave, which serves a heaping pile of rings—Walla Walla onions tubed with a crunchy/juicy coriander-heavy beer batter—with a side of runny housemade tartar.

If you’re here, you’re likely drinking beer. And good for you—few pubs showcase the best of our local brews so winningly. Chuckanut, Schooner Exact, Lazy Boy, Big Time: rah, rah, the gang’s all here.

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