Image: Hawk Krall

AND YOU THINK you hit the sauce too hard last Saturday. Try 101 bars in a little over 15 hours. That’s what a 10-man team, led by Gig Harbor residents Pat Finley and Dan Wachtler, did on a crisp Saturday in October, all to see their names in the Guinness Book of World Records. The record to beat: 82 bars visited in 24 hours, set by 19 Australians in 2005.

At 8am, garbed in matching bright-red baseball jerseys with “USA” across the chests and chanting USA-themed cheers, the crew set out on a winding bar-, cafe-, and restaurant-studded path through the city, during which at least one member of the team downed a drink at all 101 spots.

Despite slaying the ­Aussies’ record by 19 bars and nine hours, the Seattle crawlers have yet to be deemed champions. Finley and Wachtler declined to pay the fees and travel expenses for a Guinness witness, whose costly presence ($5,000–$8,360 per day) would’ve solidified the record the moment they raised their glasses in a final toast at King’s Hardware in Ballard.

Now they must compile and edit their camera man’s raw footage, gather signed witness statements, and send it all to Guinness headquarters in London. The process could take over a month. Plus, the boys are already getting pressure to defend the unofficial record. A Seattle Times article on the feat spurred the scheming of many a barhopping connoisseur.

But good luck. Only the team participants know the details of the carefully planned route, and the list of bars is top secret. “You can write this down,” Finley told us: “I can say with confidence that the team will get back together if someone tries to break this record.”

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