Together with wife Rose, Charles Finkel has spent the last 20 years perfecting brews at the Pike Place Market-based Pike Brewing Company. Famous for its local collaborations (like stout-flavored gelato, a collab with Gelatiamo), the brewery’s latest partnership is the Tripel Kriek—a beer aged in red wine barrels from Mark Ryan Winery—currently available at the pub.

Here, some of Finkel’s local food favorites.

I love Steelhead Diner. I order the Kilt Lifter fish n’ chips they make with our beer. Chef Kevin Davis uses great quality fish, and he fries it in a way that’s really fresh. It’s the way that fried food should taste. I don’t indulge myself in fried very often, so when I do I want it to be good.

Coffee Drink and Venue
I like espressso. I’d say that’s my favorite coffee drink. My favorite place to have espresso is in my kitchen. That’s where I have it 90 percent of the time. We buy Caffe Vita here at the brewery and at home.

Specialty Shop
DeLaurenti. We’re lucky to have such a store. They have such a variety of excellently selected products, like cheeses and meats and different mustards and olive oils. Everything that the proper kitchen requires.


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