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What Did You Do on Your Day Off, Chef?

Hot dogs for breakfast, burgers for dinner: Pearl’s Bradley Dickinson knows how to live.

By Kristin Cordova October 15, 2009

The Locavore of Bellevue: Pearl chef Bradley Dickinson.

A former Schwartz Brothers stalwart, Bradley Dickinson now mans the fires at Pearl, Bellevue’s nascent Northwest-style noshery. Taking a tip from Tiger, he still found time to hit the challenging Celt-inspired links at Chambers Bay on his last day off. But something tells us Tiger would opt out of partaking in Dickinson’s breakfast of champions.

My last day off was Sunday. I got up early in the morning, and I drove to Tacoma with some friends to play golf at Chambers Bay which is the new golf hot spot. The U.S. Open is going to be there in about five years. It’s a stunning venue. It was 75 degrees, clear as a bell, and just a gorgeous late summer day. You have a view of [Puget Sound] and Fox Island on every hole. It’s incredible. You have to experience the whole thing down there.

Golf is my relaxation; my social time. I’m not worried about work. I’m just having fun with my buddies. We had Polish hot dogs. They had fresh chopped onions and sauerkraut so we could load up. We like to call that the breakfast of champions, Polish dog with all the works and a Heineken at the turn. What else do you need? So then I got back home. I went to the store, did a little shopping. We go to Bert’s Red Apple in Madison Park. it’s a great grocery store. They have a nice wine selection, great produce section, and some great local bakeries go there.

Then I came home and rounded up my family. We had barbecued burgers in the backyard. We kind of jazz up the patty a little bit, and we set up a little buffet [for the fixings]. Of course I like everything on my burger, and my kids may or may not, but they loaded up with Walla Walla sweet onions. We picked a few heirloom tomatoes out of the garden, sliced those up and put them on there. My favorite tomato is called the Mortgage Lifter. They are just enormous. Really! You could feed a family of four with one tomato. But they are just about gone, winding down. I had a glass of Layer Cake Shiraz. It was perfect. It’s good, very drinkable and a very good value. In fact, I bought a case of it. And I think we had a little chocolate chip ice cream for dessert. And that was my day.

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