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What did you do on your day off, chef?

Green Leaf’s Peter Kuang makes steak for the kids.

By Kristin Cordova September 10, 2009

The multilingual chef at Green Leaf Vietnamese Restaurant has Taishanese (a Cantonese dialect), Vietnamese, and English under his belt. As if that wasn’t enough cross-culturalism, Peter Kuang is a Chinese chef, making Vietnamese food, in an American city.

Here’s what he did on his last day off.

Last week I had a day off on Wednesday. I went to talk to Hui’s Food Distributor to see what was new—to see if I could create something differently for my menus. I also went to Viet Wah in the International District. I don’t go to the market every week, but every couple weeks.

But most of the time when I have the day off, I play with my kids, Alicia and Erick.
I like to eat. And my kids—they love to eat! Last Wednesday I cooked at home after we went swimming at our club, Allstar Fitness in West Seattle. I bought some T-Bone steak from Costco and went home and marinated it using Johnny’s Seasoning Salt and different herbs. Costco also has a teriyaki marinating sauce that I used. I pan-fried it on both sides first, and then I wrapped it up with foil and put it in the oven. Very tasty. It probably takes 10 to 12 minutes. We got some asparagus at Costco, too. I stir-fried it together with mushrooms and garlic—something simple, very simple.

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