Free time is an exotic idea for Ethan Stowell, the mastermind of Union, Tavolàta, How to Cook a Wolf, and most recently Anchovies and Olives. The only time he gets out of the kitchen is Sunday, but even then he’s scouting out his next piece of property—a new house.

I woke up before my wife, Angela, so I cruised around a bit and read the newspaper. When she got up we made a fruit smoothie—bananas, a few berries from the Ballard Farmers Market, protein powder (my wife is trying to get me healthier)—we chatted a bit, then we rode our bikes to Ballard from the north side of Queen Anne to Café Besalu. I’ve been trying to cut out coffee, but they served a great Lighthouse coffee, and I had a cardamom pretzel.

We’ve been looking for a house, so we spent some time going to open houses. On the way there was this cool little garage down the Burke-Gilman Trail just before Ballard where they offered tastes of beer for donations. There, I got a growler of their beer. Then, we came home, grabbed the dogs and drove to open houses in Ballard. We haven’t been going out for dinner too much recently because of all the produce at the markets. So that night we turned on the grill and grilled some chicken with asparagus and spring onions, and we braised Ballard Farmers Market Alma Farm greens. After an exasperating day of house hunting, the meal was nice. And to tell you the truth, we drank some inexpensive white wine with dinner.

Jason Wilson of Crush, Fonté Coffee Bar
The Spur boys

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