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Big Night for Abruzzo

Another tasty fundraiser for earthquake-ravaged Italy

By Kathryn Robinson August 6, 2009

So you’re a hungry foodie with a social conscience and an operatic soul…and you have nothing to do tonight.

Here’s one for ya: Go to The Crocodile around 6pm for a gala dinner prepared by the following rock-star chefs: Armandino Batali (Salumi), Holly Smith (Cafe Juanita), Sabrina Tinsley (Osteria La Spiga), Walter Pisano (Tulio), Brendan McGill (Via Tribunali), Matthew Mina (Hunt Club), and Maurizio Milazzo (Barolo).

Your $150 gets you whatever amazing victuals that crew cooks up…along with the warm glow that comes from knowing your money is supporting victims of April’s L’Aquilla earthquake. That 6.3 Richter Scale quake devastated the Abruzzo region, killed 300, and displaced some 60,000.

Along with all that, tonight’s do will offer presentations from Italian experts, an auction, photographs of the devastation from (among others) Via Trib/Caffe Vita principal Mike McConnell—and Italian arias from Public Opera.

What better way to spend Thursday night?

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