Keep ’em coming.

Woooo-wee! It’s another scorcher out there today! Temps are expected to hit 100 degrees by this afternoon, and forecasts predict the heat wave will linger until Friday. We know what’s going through your head—just thinking about it makes us melt, too.

Good thing for air conditioning, right? And good thing for cool cocktails. To make these days just a bit more bearable, we’re thinking ice-cold, salt-brimmed, refreshing margaritas should do the trick. Here, for you, my sweaty little sweets, a list of some favorite spots for south-of-the-border heat salvation:

The Saint Get El Santo—it’s one of the best made-from-scratch margaritas you can ask for.

Barrio —$5 margaritas during Happy Hour.


La Isla Try the Puerto Rican-inspired Josefina Margarita.

Canlis The Prosperina Margarita changes colors (!) We’re sold (and easily entertained).

Cactus —margaritas are $5 during Happy Hour.

La Carta de Oaxaca

Agua Verde —great views and great food.

Mama’s Mexican Kitchen

Ocho Even at $10, the El Tesoro Anejo Margarita is worth it.

Bimbo’s Bitchin Burritos

The Lookout A unique twist on traditional, the jalapeno margarita is infused with a handful of sliced peppers.

Any other suggestions, Seattle?

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