Vive La France

Happy Bastille Day!

Where you gonna sing the Marseillaise tonight?

By Kathryn Robinson July 14, 2009

The fried chicken and apple pie have been devoured; the star-spangled cocktail napkins have been stowed; the Bud bottles have been recycled.

But don’t fret: it turns out French independence is even tastier. Bastille Day is today, you know. Here’s where to celebrate.

Rover’s and Le Gourmand present seven- and five-course dinners, respectively, each with the option of paired wines.

Le Pichet kicks it into party mode with Parisian street food available at 6pm, live jazz at 8, and a DJ at 11pm.

Voila! Bistrot has recently opened a patio for summer dining, which is so a la mode, they don’t even need a Bastille Day special.

Café Campagne offers the crème de la crème of all Bastille Day celebrations, with a street party in Post Alley from 3 to 10pm (admission is free! Yeehaw!), where you can enjoy wine, beer and street food starting at $5 while you feast your eyes on burlesque and Cancan performances. Ooh la la.

Duck inside the cafe’s more sophisticated older sister, Campagne for its “Storming The Palace Larder Dinner,” where they’ll serve a 5-course feast from 5pm to 10pm for $75.

Finally…need we even mention Bastille, the new French bistro that’s taking the Rue de la Ballard Avenue by storm?

We didn’t think so.


—Karen Quinn

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