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Top Chef Comes to Town

Auditions this Wednesday at Canlis

By Kathryn Robinson February 8, 2009

By now every foodie in three states knows that the Bravo network’s Top Chef will be holding open auditions this Wednesday at Canlis. The producer called The Tablehopper a few days ago for her recommendations of chefs she thinks would thrive on a show like this.

Far be it from The Tablehopper to withhold.

Tom Douglas, I said. Overexposed, for good reason…and a monster hoot to watch. Jason Wilson of Crush. Ethan Stowell of…everywhere. (Most recently, Anchovies & Olives, which is scheduled to open late this week.) The Herbfarm’s new Keith Luce, quite the showman. Maria Hines at Tilth; Holly Smith at Café Juanita. (The producer loved the idea of women.) And—omg, would this be magic or what—-the great Justin Neidermeyer at the great Cascina Spinasse.

Persistent whispers suggest that two guys are being eyed in earnest: Dahlia Lounge’s Brian Walcyzk, and Anchovies and Olives’ Charles Walpole, late of Mistral.

Stay tuned.

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