By now every foodie in three states knows that the Bravo network’s Top Chef will be holding open auditions this Wednesday at Canlis. The producer called The Tablehopper a few days ago for her recommendations of chefs she thinks would thrive on a show like this.

Far be it from The Tablehopper to withhold.

Tom Douglas, I said. Overexposed, for good reason…and a monster hoot to watch. Jason Wilson of Crush. Ethan Stowell of…everywhere. (Most recently, Anchovies & Olives, which is scheduled to open late this week.) The Herbfarm’s new Keith Luce, quite the showman. Maria Hines at Tilth; Holly Smith at Café Juanita. (The producer loved the idea of women.) And—omg, would this be magic or what—-the great Justin Neidermeyer at the great Cascina Spinasse.

Persistent whispers suggest that two guys are being eyed in earnest: Dahlia Lounge’s Brian Walcyzk, and Anchovies and Olives’ Charles Walpole, late of Mistral.

Stay tuned.