Show and Tell

Lehrman Cameron Studio mixes theater, design, and whatever works to turn exhibits into living stories.

01/15/2009 By Francesca Lyman


The 15 People to Know for Spring Arts

Let us introduce you to the artists making headlines—and entertaining audiences—in the new season.

01/07/2009 By Steve Wiecking With Michaelangelo Matos, Sarah Anderson, and Wilson Diehl


Spray It, Don’t Say It


Passing Through

Picture Perfect

Annie Leibovitz photographs well.

01/05/2009 By Steve Wiecking


Task Master

An artist turns ordinary chores into improvisational art.

12/28/2008 By Nate Lippens


Northern Exposures

A Seattle photographer turns moribund bears into high-demand stars.

12/28/2008 By Eric Scigliano


A Piece of Work

Twyla Tharp comes to PNB for a labor of love.

12/27/2008 By Steve Wiecking


Bidder Sweet

While Seattleites sat on their auction paddles, a Tacoma man took the lot.



Divided It Stands

The opening of the Northwest African American Museum last March was a long time in coming. Can it rise above the conflicts that delayed its debut for 30 years?

12/19/2008 By Juliette Guilbert

Style Counsel

From Russia with Style

A conversation with arts patrons Yelena and Igor Klimenkoff.

12/13/2008 By Laura Cassidy