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Where to Brace Yourself for Game of Thrones' Final Winter

HBO's rabidly followed show returns April 14. As the Night King marches from the North, we dragon-less common folk prepare for the final season with a few events set, not in Westeros, but in Seattle.

By Jonathan Olsen-Koziol April 4, 2019

Tyrion and Daenerys discuss her legacy at Dragonstone in the show's seventh season.

Image: Courtesy HBO

Set to return for one final ride on the back of an ice dragon, the eighth season of HBO's acclaimed fantasy drama Game of Thrones will air Sunday, April 14. It will no doubt be bittersweet as some of our favorite (and most despised) characters meet spectacularly horrific ends—by fire, by blade? We can't wait to find out. But until then, take your fandom to the next level at these Seattle spots celebrating the last season.

April 7, 14, & 18

Blood-Soaked Brunch 

Chef Eric Rivera of Ballard's addo:incubator is preparing a GoT-themed brunch in the weeks before and after the final season begins. "Each week we will feature different impactful moments from the series," says Rivera. "People are expecting turkey legs and things like that, but I am working on a little more abstract ideas with simulated blood, smoke, fire, and dragons." Yum. Addo Ballard$40–$50

April 9

Drink and Know Things

Are you the Tyrion Lannister smart aleck of your crew? Or perhaps you've spent some time studying at the Citadel? Well maesters and jesters alike can head to the Runaway for GoT trivia night. Get beaten to the buzzer and enjoy drink specials while you reminisce about the past seasons and dive deep into the lore of Westeros. The Runaway, Free

April 10

Hodor's House

Bran's erstwhile protector Hodor, heroic holder of doors and lovable big guy, can also rock a dance floor as himself: Kristian Nairn. The Irishman is one of his homeland's most talented DJs and is currently embarking on his Evolution Tour—and Nairn's making a Seattle stop to play his progressive tech house musicQ Nightclub, $15 

April 14

Watch the Thrones

If misery loves company, does bone-shattering violence love to party? We think so. As does Big Time Brewery and Alehouse, where there will be a viewing party all season long, complete with drink specials aplenty. This event will fill up quicker than Tyrion's wine glass in a brothel. Big Time, Free

May 16

Mariners Get Medieval

Leaving the house might be tough after witnessing the Stark family tree get whittled down to its last weirwood branch, but at least there's a bobblehead in it for you if you do. The Mariners are hosting a GoT night #ForTheThrones during a home game in May. Grab your limited-edition Game of Thrones Mitch Haniger bobblehead in section 339 before the end of the third inning. T-Mobile Park, $30–$45

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