Alla Goniodsky and Chin Yuen
Is the genre of abstract landscape painting able to escape its inherent oxymoron? Perhaps. If so, Alla Goniodsky belongs firmly within it. Likely you won’t be able to connect her paintings to specific scenes (titles like Clouds can help), but they still steadily evoke nature. Here, her works are joined by Chin Yuen’s jagged, woozy patterns. Opening Reception Aug 1, ArtXchange Gallery, 5–8

In Repossessed, artists like Monyee Chau and Kristen Ramírez take aim at the racist housing policies and narratives that defined much of Seattle's past, and here reimagine them through mediums like photography, sculpture, and collage. Opening Reception Aug 1, SOIL Gallery, 6–8

Group Show
Wa Na Wari, the Central District home dedicated to black art and community, sees the openings of four installations by Xenobia Bailey, Marita Dingus, Henry Jackson-Spieker, and Nastassja Swift. Also opening is Some What?, a piece by LA artist Martine Syms. She took an image, blew it up, and recontextualized it to investigate the nature of consumption. It’s already appeared at Mount Analogue and on a Capitol Hill billboard. Opening Reception Aug 3, Wa Na Wari, 7–9

Claudia Fitch and Juventino Aranda
Claudia Fitch makes figural sculptures that are at once quotidian and deeply surreal, as though people were going about their standard lives, but much of the information—such as their heads—has been omitted. Juventino Aranda, coming off a Frye exhibit last year, continues what made that show so special, grabbing the scraps of consumerism (like Golden Books), blowing them up, and finding witty ways to play with their meaning. Opening Reception Aug 1, Greg Kucera Gallery, 6–8

Northwest Influencers
Housewright Gallery is a new Georgetown space (a little bit gallery, a little bit shop) owned by design studio Hoedemaker Pfeiffer. For this inaugural exhibition, curator Tim Pfeiffer focuses on the “Northwest School,” artists of local pre- and postwar modernism. Amid the 24 artists displayed will be Mark Tobey, Peter Camfferman, and Margaret Tomkins (see her abstract work Untitled above). Opening Reception Aug 3, Housewright Gallery, 6–9

Contemporary Northwest Print Invitational 
Originally from South Korea, Bellevue-based artist Jueun Shin specializes in collography (a type of paper printmaking)—which appear embellished into 3D. At this juried showcase, Shin is one of over 30 Northwest printmakers in a month-long exhibition. Opening Reception Aug 1, Davidson Galleries, 6–8 

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