Ross Palmer Beecher
Jan 4–Feb 1 Since the advent of mass-produced consumer goods, artists have bent them to their will, with varying degrees of success (I have seen a few too many Warholian La Croix cans lately). In Quilts and Assemblages, local artist Ross Palmer Beecher takes our detritus—coffee cans, gum wrappers, silk ties—and makes quilts. Her degree of success is high. Greg Kucera, Opening reception Jan 9, 6–8pm 

Antiquated Boundaries: Five Centuries of Maps
Jan 2–Feb 1 This collection of maps is worth the visit less because old borders shimmer with aesthetic power—though sometimes they do—and more because these maps are often beautifully adorned with other images. Davidson Galleries, Opening reception Jan 9, 6–8

Shaun Kardinal
Jan 4–Feb 15 Perhaps best known as a local collector, Shaun Kardinal also creates mystifying and often small works. In Present Tense, he displays images that he’s embroidered with eerie geometries, connoting industry: shipping containers, fan blades, fences, alien monoliths. That they’re impositions of the human hand on natural landscapes—well, that’s sort of the point. J. Rinehart Gallery, Opening reception Jan 4, 3–6 

Places Dreamed/Real
Jan 16–Feb 29 This group show walks the blurry line between real and surreal, bending together actual locations, for instance, into a new one. Or, as in Christopher Gee’s Black House in a Field (above), working in a sense of childlike perception, fully real and fully strange. Studio E Gallery, Opening reception Jan 25, 6–9

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