Dave Hytone
Were M.C. Escher to really let loose—give up the strict recursion, add color—he might approach the fairy-tale charisma of Seattle painter David Hytone, whose paintings leave you suspended in a world between object and abstract. Linda Hodges Gallery, Opening Reception 6–8 

Larry Calkins
Northwest sculptor and mixed media artist Larry Calkins works on scraps like rusty metals, old cloth. Take, for instance, his work 1942, which transforms an old book—through the application of pigmented hot wax—into an eerie pair of pages picked from some woodland subconscious. Gallery IMA, Opening Reception 6–8

Digital Perspectives
A trio of multimedia artists goes digital. Maja Petric extends her MadArt exhibit into Particle Attraction, which casts the viewer's silhouette against landscapes. Etsuko Ichikawa’s Murmurings of Love features a woman in hazmat gear “smashing an ancient vessel created of out uranium glass.” (How could you not like that?) And Peter Gronquist’s A Visual History of the Invisible 2 aims to allay anxieties with a gold cloth floating against a blue sky. Winston Wächter Fine Art, Opening Reception 5–8 

Ancestral Journeyz of Costal Voices
This group show—featuring Native artists like Peter Boome and Shana Yellow Calf Lukinich—delves into the Costal Canoe Journey Roadway. Expect photos, a canoe, stained glass, and regalia, as well as traditional foods, singers, and dancers at the opening. Soil Gallery, Opening Reception 5–8

Ko Kirk Yamahira
At least since modernism, deconstruction has been central in art. No one can pick apart, though, quite like Ko Kirk Yamahira. The Seattle artist paints canvases (often just a single color—black, pink), then unravels them. Perhaps the center sags into a crescent of threads between two intact rectangles. Or he dismantles the whole thing and creates a sort of string canoe. Or he strips the threads back so the frame bristles. The results are breathtaking in their dedication and in their spare, geometric beauty. Gallery 4Culture, Opening Reception 6–8

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