Sequoia Day O’Connell
The figures in Sequoia Day O’Connell’s drawings appear realistic in shape and line, yet they're set against warped, woozy backgrounds. Then all of it—figures, environment—is cast in a prismatic burst of color. That juxtaposition lets O'Connell explore dualities like body and space, community and aloneness. Party Hat, Opening Reception 6–9

Akio Takamori
Akio Takamori, a Japanese-born artist and UW professor, was most know for his playful ceramic art, such as the Young Woman, Girl and Mother and Child sculpture outside the Whole Foods at Westlake and Denny. But for its seventh exhibition of Takamori’s work, James Harris Gallery focuses on the artist’s printmaking, figural images that are stormy and richly inked. James Harris Gallery, Opening Reception 6–8

Andre Petterson
The title of Andre Petterson’s show is an excellent guide: Random by Design. Here the artist finds cast out things—construction debris, roadside giveaways, “a neatly stacked bunch of wood in an alley”—photographs them and paints them. The results appear saturated and, while chaotic, composed. Foster/White Gallery, Opening Reception 6–8

Forge. Art Magazine
For its final exhibition as a physical gallery, Mount Analogue hosts LA’s Forge. Art Magazine as curator. The group show will feature over 20 artists—like Molly Soda, Eunice Luk, Eli Howey—unified around an aesthetic that’s slyly dark, patently colorful, and absurd only because it looks true. Mount Analogue, Opening Reception 6–10 

(Our Love Is) Unbroken by Bars
This show from street artists Jess X Snow and Shyama R. Kuver tells the stories—through video, photograph, painting—of women who have given birth while in prison, aiming to parse the complex systemic problems that affect this imprisonment and to stop children from being unjustly taken from their mothers. Center on Contemporary Art, Opening Reception 6–9

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