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We Heart Fall: Seattle's Top Autumnal Activities

There's more to the season than pumpkin spice.

By Seattle Met Staff

Image: Jordan Kay

In this world, there are those who love fall and those who despise it. Those who swathe themselves in sweaters and infinity scarves and pumpkin spice, and those who bitterly sip their iced americanos and scowl at the too-early Halloween decorations at the grocery store.

To that we say, why not be both? With our go-to fall guide, we invite you to embrace the season however you choose, whether that's leaning hard into the pumpkin aesthetic or escaping the commercialism of it all.

Get lost in nature

Okay, not literally. Although the thrill that you miiiight not make it out from acres of stalks higher than your head is kind of the point of a corn maze, isn't it? For those against maize labyrinths in confounding patterns, fall larch hikes are another way to lose yourself (again, not literally, please) in this stunning region of ours. Deputy editor Allison Williams shares her tips on where, how, and when to go.

Pick your pumpkin

We don't just mean pumpkin patches, either—although, yes, we have plenty of those too. Fall brings ample opportunity to stock up on all manner of gourd-inspired goods from local shops and makers. This year, style editor Zoe Sayler investigates our cultural obsession with the autumnal the form of cast-iron Le Creuset cocottes.

Spice it up

PSL haters, uh, feel free to skip this one. Back in 2014, executive editor Allecia Vermillion dove into the unlikely triumph of Starbucks's now-infamous autumnal menu item: the pumpkin spice latte. Nowadays, Seattle restaurants and cafes have PSL everything, from doughnuts to Greek yogurt to hard cider. Can't get enough? Follow local Cozell Wilson's pumpkin spice–inspired escapades.

Live that forage life

We could be referring to the cult of BuyNothing, but let's face it, that's a year-round endeavor. No, we're talking about the hunt for chanterelles. Former arts editor (and sous chef) Stefan Milne fills us in on the finer points of mushroom foraging. Oh, and here's a handy recipe for what you can do with your bounty.

Go bottoms up

Breweries lean hard into fall with seasonal offerings (many flavored with autumn's favorite gourd) and fests. Like all the annual Oktoberfests and the Great Pumpkin Beer Festival. If you're high-tailing it to Leavenworth to partake, we have some handy guides for you on where to stay, eat, and play.

Hit the town, Halloween style

All right, we give. If Halloween is what you want, haunted houses and costume parades are what you get. Seattle's most on-theme spooky events include creepy clowns and craft cocktails, while our more family-friendly happenings revolve around chocolate and a surprisingly enchanting witchy tea. 

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