Fifty Shades of Fan Fiction

Seattle University’s fan fiction expert explains the Fifty Shades of Grey craze.

09/19/2012 By Laura Dannen


Northwest Bookshelf: Trading Manny

Trading Manny: How a Father and Son Learned to Love Baseball Again follows author Jim Gullo as he grapples with the sport’s steroid scandals.

03/23/2012 By Brian Colella


Northwest Bookshelf: Blueprints of the Afterlife

Ryan Boudinot’s second novel, Blueprints of the Afterlife, plunges readers into a Seattle at least a century in the future, where construction is under way to transform Bainbridge Island into a full-scale replica of Manhattan.

03/07/2012 Edited by James Ross Gardner


Northwest Bookshelf: Science on Ice

In Science on Ice: Four Polar Expeditions, Seattle photojournalist and oceanographer Chris Linder offers us an over-the-shoulder glimpse as researchers seek answers in the planet’s most frigid terrains.



An Interview with Jennifer Egan, Pulitzer Prize–Winning Author of A Visit From the Goon Squad

Jennifer Egan, Pulitzer Prize–winning author of A Visit From the Goon Squad, visits Benaroya Hall this month as part of Seattle Arts and Lectures.

01/20/2012 By Laura Dannen


Fiction: Jim Lynch’s World’s Fair Tale, Truth Like the Sun

An exclusive excerpt from the forthcoming novel Truth Like the Sun.

01/20/2012 By Jim Lynch


Northwest Bookshelf: The Map of My Dead Pilots

In the memoir The Map of My Dead Pilots: The Dangerous Game of Flying in Alaska, Anacortes resident Colleen Mondor flies us to the 49th state, where she dispatched planes in the mid-’90s.



Northwest Bookshelf: Shiro Kashiba, Recipes from a Sushi Pioneer

Shiro Kashiba’s memoir, Shiro: Wit, Wisdom and Recipes from a Sushi Pioneer , takes us from the Ginza district of Tokyo to the shores of Puget Sound.

11/23/2011 By Brian Colella


Northwest Bookshelf: Beneath Cold Seas

_Beneath Cold Seas_ by photographer David Hall is a visual feast of Pacific Northwest sea life served with a science lesson on the side.



Northwest Bookshelf: Beneath Cold Seas

Beneath Cold Seas by photographer David Hall is a visual feast of Pacific Northwest sea life served with a science lesson on the side.

10/14/2011 By Brian Colella


Seattle World’s Fair, a Look Back

In The Future Remembered: The 1962 Seattle World’s Fair and Its Legacy, Paula Becker, Alan J. Stein, and their fellow staffers rewind the clock to a time when Seattle meant little more than airplanes and lumber to the rest of the world.



Northwest Bookshelf: Jim Davidson, The Ledge

In Jim Davidson’s The Ledge: An Adventure Story of Friendship and Survival on Mount Rainier, two climbers’ lifelong dream of summiting Mount Rainier goes awry.



Northwest Bookshelf: William Gibson

Vancouver, BC, inhabitant William Gibson follows up Spook Country with high-tech thriller Zero History.



A Talk with Marcellus Turner, City Librarian, the Seattle Public Library

Marcellus Turner, Seattle Public Library’s new head librarian, doesn’t go by the book.

07/22/2011 By Matthew Halverson


Saving Captain America

Captain America slings his shield on the big screen this month in Captain America: The First Avenger. But if Seattle’s Ed Brubaker—who took over as the comic’s primary writer in 2005—hadn’t resuscitated the once-stale superhero, that trip to Hollywood m

06/24/2011 By Matthew Halverson

From Our Culture Fiend Blog

Publish or Perish the Thought

In their three-part seminars the Business of Books, Kerry Colburn and Jennifer Worick tell you how to get your book from the recycling bin to the bookshelf.

05/20/2011 By Laura Dannen


A Question For… Jonathan Evison

This month author Jonathan Evison will ferry over from Bainbridge Island to read from his new book, West of Here, at Queen Anne Books.

03/17/2011 By Hilary Meyerson


Seattle Bookshelf

In Jackson Holtz’s Fly, Colton, Fly: The True Story of the Barefoot Bandit we get our first book-length look at Colton Harris-Moore, the teen who led law enforcement on a head-scratcher of a manhunt—and kept America rapt—for two years.



Seattle Bookshelf

In her memoir The Source of All Things, Tracy Ross lets us ride shotgun as she loses herself in the wilds of Alaska, Colorado, New Mexico, and Seattle, with a stint at Cornish College of the Arts.



Spring Arts Preview

A primer to the spring arts season, starring Nick Cave, Marco Goecke and his upcoming Pacific Northwest Ballet premiere Contemporary 4, Catherine Cabeen and her new dance Into the Void, and more.

01/14/2011 By Laura Dannen