Lit Crawl, the yearly bar crawl and reading festival, is tonight. There are 43 events, and they come in four phases (with the mandatory nightcap-and-dance after party at Hugo House). You get fifteen minutes to walk between events. Since you can’t make all the events, or even most, we’ve got some recommendations.

Phase One: 6pm

An Evening with Richard Chiem, Rebecca Brown, and JM Miller
There’s no real theme here, just three good writers, and a chance to see Hugo House’s first writer-in-residence (Brown) read in new Hugo House in support of her new book, Not Heaven, Somewhere Else. Hugo House –Stefan Milne

Poetry and Comics
Local writers Gabrielle Bates (whose poem “Strawberries” ran in The New Yorker this June), Sierra Nelson, and Rachel Kessler merge comic illustration with poetry to create an entirely new literary fusion. Narwhal –Aly Brady

Phase Two: 7pm

Property Lines
Discover new meanings and nuances in “property” and “boundaries” by hearing some of your most articulate neighbors read about them: Alex Gallo-Brown, Bill Carty, Paul Ceballos Hlavas, and Quenton Baker, author of the (excellent) This Glittering Republic and the new Frye exhibition Ballast. Ada’s Technical Books –SM

Old Hugo House: Frances McCue
Hugo House co-founder Frances McCue and Cali Kopczick were flooded-out while filming an event at the original Hugo House. Now they return to share clips from their upcoming documentary, Where the House Was. Hugo House –AB

Phase Three: 8pm

Pie and Whiskey
Pie and Whiskey—a rad reoccurring event, based in Spokane—sucks some of the pomp out of a literature reading and replaces it with, well, pie and whiskey. For this edition, founders Sam Ligon and Kate Lebo will read, along with poet Gary Copeland Lilley and Stacey Levine. Capitol Cider –SM

Late Night at the Library: Ray Bradbury Fright Fest
You get to venture into the dark stacks of the library after hours for macabre Ray Bradbury tales. Capitol Hill Library –AB

Phase Four: 9pm

By the time you’re four deep, this is the reading you want. It’s at the Pine Box (great tap list, always). It’s about how everything changes. And reading along with Matt Gano and Katie Lee Ellison is Harold Taw, who's written a musical adaptation of Jane Austen’s Persuasion and a novel called Adventures of the Karaoke King, which is about exactly what it sounds like. The Pine Box –SM

John Mullen, Elizabeth Austen, and Jennie Shortridge
After crawling all night you can bring it home with a Seattle trifecta: cathartic poetics from former Washington State Poet Laureate Elizabeth Austen, autobiographical short fiction from John Mullen, and bittersweet prose from Seattle7Writers founder Jennie Shortridge. Spin Cycle Records –AB

Hugo House After Party: 10pm

A book fair, where you can buy your favorite readers' books, with nightcaps and dancing. Hugo House

For the rest of the schedule see the Lit Crawl Seattle website

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