Elliott Bay Book Company is one of 21 bookstores participating in this year's celebration. 

In 2015, 42 people completed Seattle Independent Bookstore Day’s Passport Challenge: visit all participating bookstores and receive 25 percent off all purchases for a year at all participating stores. By last year, when book lovers had to visit 19 stores over the course of the day, nearly 500 people became what SIBD calls “Grand Champions.”

Now, if you want that legitimately excellent discount (in the realm of what you might get buying the book on Amazon, where discounts often hover in the 30–35 percent range), you have to visit 21 stores on Saturday, April 27. Arundel Books in Pioneer Square and Page 2 Books in Burien have joined the map. Hit them all and you get the discount, a literal crown, and an invite to a champions party.

The trek will take you from Bainbridge Island to Poulsbo to Redmond and all over Seattle proper, so it’d do you well to carpool and map out your list ahead time. If you don’t want to go for the big prize, the day is also just an indie bookstore holiday. You can visit three stores and get a 30 percent onetime discount. Or just go to one for celebrations. The Book Larder has nine authors cycling through between 10am and 3pm. Third Place Books in Ravenna has a prize wheel and daylong giveaways. S.K. Ali, G. Willow Wilson, and Somaiya Daud will be talking about Ali’s new novel Love From A to Z at University Bookstore in the U District.

Here are the participating stores. (For those with multiple locations, like Third Place, you only have to hit one to check the group off for the Passport Challenge.) 

  1. Ada’s Technical Books (Capitol Hill)
  2. Arundel Books (Pioneer Square)
  3. Book Larder (Fremont)
  4. BookTree Kirkland (Kirkland)
  5. Brick and Mortar Books (Redmond)
  6. Eagle Harbor Book Co. (Bainbridge Island)
  7. Edmond’s Book Shop (Edmonds)
  8. Elliott Bay Book Company (Capitol Hill)
  9. Fantagraphics Bookstore (Georgetown)
  10. Island Books (Mercer Island)
  11. Liberty Bay Books (Bremerton)
  12. Liberty Bay Books (Poulsbo)
  13. Magnolia’s Bookstore (Magnolia)
  14. The Neverending Bookshop (Bothell)
  15. Open Books: A Poem Emporium (Wallingford)
  16. Page 2 Books (Burien)
  17. Phinney Books (Phinney Ridge)
  18. Queen Anne Book Company (Queen Anne)
  19. Secret Garden Books (Ballard)
  20. Third Place Books (Bothell)
  21. Third Place Books (Ravenna)
  22. Third Place Books (Seward Park)
  23. The Traveler (Bainbridge Island)
  24. University Book Store (University District)
  25. University Book Store (Mill Creek)
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