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What Love Is Blind Season 4 Says About Seattle

Is Seattle really Lamar Odom with Michael Jordan prices?

By Dalila Brent April 14, 2023

Tiffany and Brett enjoy a romantic night on the town.

Since the start of the pandemic, Netflix’s "Love is Blind" series has been the bingiest—and often cringiest—reality show to dive into, discuss in the group chat, and scroll online for the latest tea. Currently, season 4—set in Seattle—is upholding the standard for jaw-dropping moments (Jackie and Josh, anyone?) that devoted LIB fans have come to expect.

Now that we are well into the season and past the first three phases—pods, proposals, and paradise, for the uninitiated—the couples are back in Seattle and preparing to say their "I Dos" or "I Don’ts." Along the way, the series has shed light on our city in some ways that we couldn’t ignore. Here are some of our observations:

The Portland/Seattle hate is real.

It’s no secret there’s a bit of a rivalry between Seattle and the city a couple hundred miles south. If anyone doubted the friction before, Kwame Appiah made it evident in episode 11.  Appiah, who lives in Portland, was having trouble coping with the fact that a move to Seattle was likely inevitable in order to make his relationship with Chelsea work. Expressing his feelings on the matter, he said, “I know Seattle’s going to hate me for this, but like, Seattle you’re overpriced. You are Lamar Odom with Michael Jordan prices. You’re not that great.”

Kwame and Chelsea discuss their future. 

All Seattle apartments are made the same.

After returning from Mexico, the couples were set up with apartments to put their cohabitating skills to the test. In addition, some of the cast members visited their own places to show their partners how they were living. The consensus? Every space was slightly underwhelming. Aside from Brett’s spot (which, may actually be in Portland) many lacked character, which—if we’re being fair—can be expected given the cost of rent thirtysomethings are paying. Hmmmm, does Kwame have a point?

Seattle has views for days. 

It’s hard to see things with fresh eyes if you’ve been living in or accustomed to a place—but Seattle is beautiful. From Nick and Vanessa’s very first Space Needle shot, to the countless aerial views and city back drops, Zack’s Lake Union proposal to Bliss on a boat, and Tiffany and Brett’s seaplane date—they even snuck a cherry blossom scene in—there no shortage of beauty; day or night. 

Zack proposes to Bliss on Lake Union. 

Did the featured food/drink venues miss the mark?

That’s the kind of loaded question, that inherently garners a subjective answer. Whether you liked the restaurants/bars/venue that cast were seen meeting at, it’s fair to say the producers did a good job at mixing things up. Some of the dates/meetups included Bliss and Zack’s rainy day (shocker) first date at Smith, Paul introducing his mom to Micah over pretzels and beer at Rhein Haus, another meet-the-parents scene at Olympia Coffee, and Chelsea’s birthday celebration at Elsom Cellars. But we’re all on the same page that the most swoon-worthy plate was Marshall’s perfect homemade pancakes, right? Right.

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Paul and Micah wait to meet Micah's parents at Olympia Coffee Roasters.

Dating in Seattle is difficult—just like every other city featured on Love is Blind.

We’ve touched on the fact that the Seattle dating scene isn’t exactly the best, but how does Seattle compare to the other cities featured on the Netflix show? Well, pretty much the same. They were some trash moments à la Irina and Zack’s crash and burn, and Jackie and Marshall’s demise. However, there were hopeful moments too, where a couple united, sight unseen, and made it look like they were made for each other (Tiffany and Brett). The healthy mix of both scenarios has proven to be a recipe for good TV, whatever it says about the Emerald City.

Jackie embraces Marshall, before the storm.

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