Known for their willingness to try everything from drag to dogsitting, the Try Guys embark on their first national tour.

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Mon, Oct 14
Darius Jones
When alto saxophonist-composer Darius Jones takes the stage, he plays with an intense connection to African American music past and present, whether in ensemble or solo performances. Monday night at the Good Shepherd Center is his first performance in the 2019 Earshot Jazz Festival. Good Shepherd Center, $23

Tue, Oct 15 (thru Nov 10)
The Tempest
In Shakespeare’s play, Prospero, an exiled sorcerer, spends years plotting revenge on his bitter enemies. Seattle Public Theatre’s Annie Lareau weaves together a production of one of the Bard’s final works: a story of political and class strife punctuated with romance and forgiveness. Center Theatre, $32–$50

Wed, Oct 16
Silva–The Story of Washington–Autumn Menu
Silva, the Latin word for “forest,” is also the fitting name of this 20-course dinner featuring autumn highlights from our Evergreen state. Chef Eric Rivera created the concept of Silva (which can also be experienced as a bed-and-breakfast style weekend getaway) to cater both to guests’ appetites and curiosity. Price includes service, but not drinks. Addo, $222

Thu, Oct 17
The Try Guys
From testing labor pain simulators to recreating Kim Kardashian’s butt photo, Keith, Ned, Zach, and Eugene have tried it all. The comedy quartet began as an act on BuzzFeed in 2014 before starting their own production company last year. With over six million subscribers to their YouTube channel, the Try Guys embark on their first national tour, Legends of the Internet. The Moore Theatre, $27–$83

Thu, Oct 17
Pike Brewing Turns 30
In 1989, a little brewery opened its doors on Western Avenue; this year, that little brewery turns 30. Pike Brewing, née Pike Place Brewery, was just the third microbrewery Seattle had ever seen. To celebrate its third decade in the Emerald City, beer prices are dropping back to what they were 30 years ago. That means pints are just $2.50, for one day only. Classics like the Pike Place Ale, Pike XXXXX Stout, and the Pike IPA will make appearances, as well as a new limited release brew, the Pike Reunion IPA. Other festivities, like the 30 Beers for 30 Years punch card, last through the month. The Pike Pub and Tankard and Tun, Free

Thu, Oct 17 (thru Oct 20)
Icelandic Takeover at Cuoco
Over the course of two weeks, Taste of Iceland brings music, food, culture, and even knitting to the city during 10 different Nordic events. There's a gender equality panel (Thursday), a 21-plus KEXP concert (Saturday), an Icelandic film festival (Sunday), and a bar takeover at Capitol Hill’s Liberty (Sunday). Then there’s Cuoco. Icelander Georg Arnar Halldórsson partners with chef Ron Anderson to take over the menu at the Tom Douglas spot with a special four-course meal: arctic char with Icelandic wasabi, cod in a langoustine broth, lamb with summer squash, and—of course—skyr for dessert. The binational collab extends to the drinks, too, with Icelandic mixologist Tóta partnering with Seattle’s Jonny Spielsinger to sling vodka and aquavit cocktails through the night. Cuoco, $80

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