Ritt Momney leaves his Mormon past behind him at the Crocodile Back Bar this Tuesday.

Mon, Aug 5
Paul Park
The 17th book from Williams College professor Paul Park, A City Made of Words, collects eight short stories, which parse the fragility of the human ego. In “A Resistance to Theory,” competition drives postmodern literary students to wage bloody wars against one another, while “A Short History of Science Fiction, or The Microscopic Eye” chronicles a fan’s encounter with a man whose mental state has deteriorated since he first caught a glimpse of the ancient cities of Mars. University Book Store, Free

Tue, Aug 6
Ritt Momney
Jack Rutter, aka Ritt Momney, makes lo-fi indie-folk in his bedroom. Originating as the passion project of five high school students from Salt Lake City, Rutter decided to keep making music on his own after his bandmates left for their Mormon missions. His debut album, Her and All of My Friends, sees Rutter step away from his religious upbringing, tackling issues of love, loss, and finding his independence. The Crocodile Back Bar, $15

Aug 7 & 8 (thru Aug 31)
A couple contemplates the implications of having a child in Duncan Macmillan’s Lungs. The production is simple: no set, no costume changes, and no scene changes. For an hour and a half, two actors discuss what it means for the planet, for society, to add another person. While opening night isn’t until Saturday, previews begin Wednesday. 12th Avenue Arts, $25

Thu, Aug 8
No one’s exactly sure how many stray cats wander the streets of Istanbul, but most guess it’s somewhere in the hundreds of thousands. Kedi, an audience favorite documentary at SIFF 2016, glimpses the age-old city through the eyes of its freely roaming feline population. Whether it’s a chance encounter with a calico on the street or a talented tabby committed to reducing a restaurant’s rodent infestation, clearly these cats hold great cultural significance to the city. Even better, the film is being shown on National Cat Day. SIFF Cinema Uptown, $14

All s'mine.

All Week
National S’mores Week at Bakery Nouveau
S’mines are a curveball take on the campfire classic we all know as s’mores. Bakery Nouveau is overhauling standard store-bought graham crackers, chocolate bars, and marshmallows for the national “holiday,” subbing in shortbread, chocolate ganache, housemade chocolate, and a salted caramel-filled marshmallow. Find them at all three bakeries through August 10. Bakery Nouveau, $5 each

All Week
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Week

Throw on your dissent collar (in solidarity) and get ready to celebrate one of the most memorable Supreme Court justices. In honor of her ascent to the court more than 25 years ago, bars and eateries across the entire city will raise a glass to RBG August 5 through 11. Spearheaded by BroVo Spirits, spots like Rumba, Oddfellows, Monsoon, Local 360, and Central Smoke will offer two cocktails inspired by the founder of the ACLU Women’s Rights Project. The self-titled RBG combines pink vermouth, amaro, and gin, while the Kiki Spritz (amaro and soda water) pays homage to the justice’s childhood nickname. For every amaro bottle sold to participating bars, $1 goes to the ACLU—so no hangover will be in vain. Various locations, prices vary

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