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The Stadium of the Century

With its construction, Husky Stadium helped transform Seattle into an American metropolis.


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University Book Store Celebrates 120 Years Independent

Washington’s oldest indie bookstore serves both the greater Seattle area and UW students and continues a legacy of constant innovation and community focus.


Culture Fix

What to Do After Work February 17–20

A sweeping presidential play, a Netflix composer's punk record, and a Mardi Gras feast.

02/17/2020 By Nicole Pasia

Longtime Reader

University Bookstore Turns the Page on Its 120th Year

Tired of trekking downtown to get their textbooks, two students opened a campus bookstore in 1900, and it’s still going strong today.

01/10/2020 By Nicole Pasia

Culture Fix

What to Do After Work March 18–21

A panel of inspiring women, a new science fiction anthology, and a chill set at the Central Saloon.

03/18/2019 By Gwen Hughes

Local Talent

A Fiendish Conversation with Matt Inman

The creator of webcomic The Oatmeal tackles the Internet's fascination with cats.

10/30/2012 By Seth Sommerfeld


Under Wildwood by Colin Meloy

The Impassable Wilderness grows darker still in the second children’s novel by the front man of the Decemberists.

09/19/2012 By Laura Dannen

Ticket Alert

Julie Andrews’s Book Tour Comes to Seattle

Three chances to catch the actor promoting her new children’s book.

04/10/2012 By Seth Sommerfeld

Books & Talks

TONIGHT: William Gibson Talks Tech Fetishes and Zero History at UW

We trust the man who came up with the word "cyberspace."

08/02/2011 By Seattle Met Staff

Books & Talks

Free Comic Book Day

This Saturday, celebrate the nation’s best holiday you’ve never heard of.

05/05/2011 By Annie Rose Favreau

Books & Talks

This Week’s Literary Events: Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll

Need a little vice in your life? We’ve got you covered.

04/11/2011 By Allison Williams

Books & Talks

David Brooks Gets Inside Our Heads at Town Hall

Ponder life’s questions with a New York Times all-star, or check out this week’s other literary events.

03/21/2011 By Allison Williams


Mr. Inappropriate: Matthew Inman, Web-Comic Creator

His debut book is called ‘5 Very Good Reasons to Punch a Dolphin in the Mouth.’

03/01/2011 By Matthew Halverson