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What to Do After Work March 18–21

A panel of inspiring women, a new science fiction anthology, and a chill set at the Central Saloon.

By Gwen Hughes March 18, 2019

The Arnolds play Central Saloon Thursday night. 

Mon, Mar 18
Women Making History
The Riveter, a co-working space for women, hosts another event celebrating Seattle’s leading ladies. Molly Moon Neitzel, CEO of the local ice cream chain, will appear on a panel beside politician Patty Murray, Plum Bistro chef Makini Howell, and more. Molly Moon's March flavors with female-inspired names will also be served. The Riveter, $20 

Tue, Mar 19
Shawn Speakman: Unfettered III
When writer Shawn Speakman was diagnosed with cancer he turned to the literary community for help. He asked friends for short stories—of the science fiction and fantasy varieties—and created an anthology to raise money. The fundraiser for his own treatment yielded the first Unfettered anthology. Speakman—now healthy—continues to raise money to help authors with medical debt with the third Unfettered anthology. University Bookstore, Free

Wed, Mar 20
Island of the Hungry Ghosts
This stylized documentary uncovers the secrets of Christmas Island, the “Australian Guantanamo,” off the coast of Indonesia. The island detains asylum seekers for years at a time, and their traumatic pasts only worsen. Poh Lin Lee, a trauma specialist, struggles to give detainees consistent and effective help. Northwest Film Forum, $12

Thu, Mar 21
The Arnolds
The Arnolds, a laidback Seattle rock band, just released their second album, The Arnolds 2, in January. The sophomore record ranges from the bright guitar and wacky lyrics of “Human Burger” to the wistful ukulele ballad “Night Light.” Central Saloon, $5