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The Cannabis Connoisseur's Guide to Celebrating 4/20

No more secret smoke sessions in the basement. Here's how to get the most out of the unofficial weed holiday, from where to buy the best flowers to the events that will keep your spirits, ahem, high.

By Jonathan Olsen-Koziol April 18, 2019

A 4/20 picnic complete with cookies (the weed strain, that is). 

4/20 is plagued (blessed?) with memorable pop culture moments: Harold and Kumar's infamous trip to White Castle, Jay and Silent Bob's weed-fueled fowl mouthed diatribes about Wolverine, Matthew McConaughey stoner movies from 1993—hell, Matthew McConaughey in stoner movies today! The influence of cannabis has generated some of the best buddy comedy adventures of the last few decades, so why not let it spark a night to remember with you and your crew. Here are some of the many, though perhaps less cinematic, ways to partake in the unofficial weed holiday this Saturday, April 20. 

Good Bud Buys 

The Bakeréé
Cookies (the baked treat, that is) come in many different shapes and flavors, and the same is true for cookies (the weed strain) in the world of cannabis. Many of the most popular strains today are named after well-known baked goods and ice cream flavors. The cookies family tree has branched some of the cannabis industry's much beloved strains like Sunset Sherbet, Cookies and Cream, Gelato, and Samoa Cookies. When it comes to cookies, the aptly named Bakeréé in Georgetown and Northgate boasts a better selection than grandma's house. 

Dockside Cannabis
This shop is the longest running medically-endorsed dispensary in the state and routinely hosts cannabis education events to, pardon the pun, elevate the average cannabis consumer. This extra effort placed on education reflects the clean products and highly regarded brands on their shelves. They're celebrating 4/20 starting on Thursday, April 18 with specials lasting all weekend long. They aren't announcing the specials ahead of time, so check back in if you're in their area. 

Evergreen Market 
This dispensary has garnered multiple awards for its cannabis service to the greater Seattle area. Evergreen Market makes customer service a priority, which, surprisingly, is a rarity in the cannabis industry. It's the reason they're up for Renton's best cannabis shop once again. You can count on this experienced squad of consumers to fill up your head stash with flavors that would make a Salt and Straw menu blush. 

Post-Smoke Revelry 

Apr 19 & 20
Now that you have your smoke, roll it up and embark on a wavy cinematic adventure hosted by the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF). These films were made for the stoned by the stoned to pique your smoky curiosity. The Egyptian Theater, $25 

Apr 20
It's Lit Seattle
What happens when you combine gourmet Asian street food with cannabis culture? Something that's truly lit, hence the name. It's Lit will light up SoDo, where culinary artistes Chris Mostrales of Lola, Baltimore Vu of the Dahlia Lounge, and Jon Park of Chiso Sushi and Izakaya create glowing edible creations that are sure to set your Instagram stories on fire. Metropolist, $99

Apr 20
Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle
Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle turns 15 this year and is now the same age as its ideal viewer. (It premiered, perhaps to throw the squares off its dank scent, on 5/20.) For 4/20, the Seattle Asian American Film Festival (SAAFF) is screening the movie at 4:20pm. The movie is, of course, a stoner classic (not to mention a career revival for Neil Patrick Harris), but also an important moment in Asian American cinemaGrand Illusion Cinema, $10

Apr 20
Based in the Clouds
A bastion for high-end cannabis and hip-hop, the Bakeréé is hosting a visit from Lil B, the rapper and BasedGod himself. The night will feature music from DJs Keyboard Kid and Toe Jam while you're taking dabs and passing joints at a feverous pace. Stop by either one of the Bakeréé's locations in Georgetown or Northgate for more details. Secret Location, RSVP for Entry Details

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