Back after a 2016 run, Riffs: A Residency and Works-in-Progress Exhibition pairs local photographers and artists—Peter de Lory, Natalie Krick, Joe Rudko—to explore the iterations of creation. They met over three months, sharing notes, sketches, outtakes, et cetera to visually evoke how the things you see get made. Photographic Center Northwest, Opening Reception 6–9 

Leah Gerrard
Vashon-based artist Leah Gerrard contorts wire into abstract but startlingly familiar sculptures. Like sloughed-off snake skins made of metal, her pieces connote chains, aquatic plants, and—as at her 4Culture exhibition—her memories of walks through forests and playgrounds at night. Gallery 4Culture, Opening Reception 6–8

Wendy Orville
Wendy Orville’s monotypes exist in a stark world between classic, sepia photographs and inky sketches. They create impressions, figurative and literal, of Northwest landscapes: the thatched grasses along a pond’s edge, a tree smudged by wind, cumulus clouds abstracted against a gray scale sky. Davidson Galleries, Opening Reception 6–8

Diane Brawasky
Linen, paint, wax, found objects—all converge in Diane Brawasky’s work. But the results generally appear less like a hodgepodge and more often like quilted renderings of our culture—be they lotto boards, illustrated charts, or figures. Gallery IMA, Opening Reception 6–8

Ginny Ruffner
Ginny Ruffner’s glass sculptures appear like mythical cartoons. Take 2018’s Extreme Pollinators, which looks like a Tasmanian Devil tornado frozen into glass coil and spattered with pigment. Or Curly Demoiselles—which imposes Picassoesque cubist ladies on bright, Disney-like tentacles. Traver Gallery, Opening Reception 5–8

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