Anthony White & Joe Rudko
Greg Kucera Gallery will be split between two artists mining the interplay between digital and analogue. Anthony White’s panels (subject of our January/February issue arts feature) are covered in threads of plastic and merge influences like Instagram selfies, classical figural painting, and Dutch still lifes. Joe Rudko, meanwhile, creates pixelated looking collages with found photographs that predate digital photography. Greg Kucera Gallery, 6–8pm

Escapism From LA
The membrane between Seattle and LA arts has long been permeable. Our artists and bands head there to reach a wider audience. But LA denizens also drift up here. Soil Gallery’s new group show explores this Northern migration with artists like Jane Callister, Roni Feldman, Nola Avienne, and 13 others presenting work. Soil Art Gallery, 6–8pm

Caroline Kapp
Seattle artist Caroline Kapp’s prints land right on the boundary between simplicity and mystery. An ice cube on a wood surface creates an ethereal shadow. A ghostly-looking thread unspools into a glass. There’s seemingly little going on, but you’ll look long and see lots anyway. Prographica/KDR, 6­–8pm

Ruth Kazmerzak
Ruth Kazmerzak—who has a photomedia BFA and a BS in Aquatic and Fishery Sciences from the UW—presents an installation on marine debris. With these sculptures and photos, she means to excavate the ways environments and objects affect each other (and how people and their environments affect each other). Gallery 4Culture, 6–8pm

Kamryn Tulare
Since early 2018, Kamryn Tulare has been working on 100 Heads, which is precisely what it sounds like: 100 portraits, ranging from colored pencil to oil, from cartoonish realism to literal alien weirdness. See them all at Statix—where openings are somewhere between art fete and PBR-swilling house party. Statix Gallery, 5–10pm

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