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'The Killing' Episode 10: Salisbury Steak Is Not Steak

Seward awaits his hour of reckoning. Holder ruins a perfectly good case of beer.

By James Ross Gardner July 29, 2013

Detective Grumpy vs. The Serial Chiller

Quote of the night: "I'm not acting drunk. I am drunk. About to go re-up, serial chiller that I am." —Detective Stephen Holder to new kid-pal Adrian Seward, only to later not so much re-up as pummel a cemetery with unopened cans of imported African lager.

Least realistic Seattle thing: Ray Seward says, "There are no trees in the city, so we had to go to the park." Perhaps he's speaking of a different city?

Current suspect: We've pretty much known Ray Seward was not the one who murdered his wife since the first episode of the season, and now that the state of Washington has executed an innocent man—and as we close in on the finale—it's time to get serious. We're being fed a lot of clues that should lead us to suspect death row guard Frances Becker as the killer—Becker who’s been unexplainably absent from duty throughout the season, and who cruelly refused to let Seward see his son in the final hour. But Ray Seward's last words, about his last meal, seem prescient: "Salisbury steak is not steak. It's ground beef." Things aren't as they seem. Becker the guard is a man clearly suffering from something, but he's not a predator. No, I'm sticking with my Inside Man theory. Where was Detective Riddick, and more importantly,  Lieutenant Skinner (who, you'll recall, helped put Seward on death row in the first place) this whole episode, anyway?

The Killing airs Sundays at 9 on AMC.


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