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7 Things I Learned from Aziz Ansari’s Twitter Feed

The comedian’s in town for his Buried Alive tour…and he’ll want to know where to eat.

By Allecia Vermillion June 27, 2012

This man wants dinner recommendations. Photo via STG.

Comedian Aziz Ansari, best known as Parks and Recreation‘s Tom Haverford, a public servant with some sharp suits and delusions of ballerhood, performs two stand-up shows at the Paramount on Friday. But when the comedian isn’t filming, he’s tweeting. And eating. Ansari’s Twitter feed is a comedy show unto itself—one laced with one-liners, rap lyrics, and 140-character accounts of all the ribs and fried chicken and biscuits the South Carolina native is putting away while on tour. Here, a few insights gleaned from Aziz Ansari’s Twitter feed @azizansari.

1. HE LIKES TO TALK IN ALL CAPS. It really helps make those important points.

2. He generally wants to know where to eat when he’s in town for a show…

3. But no, he does not want to have dinner with you and your girlfriends. Even if you are a big fan and, like, totally love his show. And yes, I asked his publicist. Who happens to be an old sorority sister of mine. No dice. He also turned down my friend’s offer of a seat at Chicago’s comically elusive restaurant Next when he was performing there. Dude’s got a grueling schedule—give him a break.

4. He has a knack with hash tags.

5. He’s been known to live-tweet Twilight.

6. Besides food, his other interests include hip-hop and hypothetical conversations.

7. Ansari might be a Twitter phenom, but President Obama still has more followers than he does. And the President isn’t afraid to remind him of that fact. (For the record, it’s about 17 million to 2 million—not even a contest.)

Check out his foodcentric stand-up special Dangerously Delicious (a $5 download) where he regales the audience with tales of overhearing 50 Cent order a grapefruit soda, then becoming confused when the beverage isn’t purple. Also, his Tom Haverford character’s food lexicon is worth watching over, and over…and over.

Aziz Ansari
June 29 at 7:30 & 10:30, Paramount Theatre, $34

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