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Investigating The Killing: Episode 12

A mystery email account supplies a new set of clues—just in time for next week’s finale.

By James Ross Gardner June 13, 2011

“I like big trunks and I cannot lie.”

A lot happened on the penultimate episode of the rainiest show on television. A construction crew dug up a Native American skull on the waterfront, stalling the revitalization project—and robbing Mayor Adams of his only campaign issue. It rained. Stan and Mitch glowered at each other through the glass at the county jail. It rained some more. Detectives Linden and Holder bullied a bunch of clues out of people to discover that— a little more rain —Rosie may have moonlighted as a call girl for a fancy-pants escort service called Beau Soleil.

Also: Billionaire human Care Bear Tom Drexler is a Beau Soleil client. Mitch shitcanned Belko Royce. And Holder is really bad at interrogating prostitutes.

But of course the big theory detonator The Killing dropped on us last night involved Darren Richmond. Thanks to a secret email account, Linden learned that Richmond probably is, at best, a politician with a hooker habit—and could be guilty of much ghastlier deeds.

But cheer up, Richmond. Worse flubs could happen with email. For example, you could have emailed your campaign manager something along the lines of…

Hi Jamie. This is embarrassing, but I was with a 17-year-old call girl last night. Can you do me a solid and abduct her, tie her up in the trunk of a campaign car, and drown her in Discovery Park? I’d really appreciate it.

P.S. What are you bringing to the office potluck tomorrow? I’m thinking bagels.

…and then accidentally sent that email to every city employee! Now that would be awkward. As it is, you just have a lot of questions to answer from that meddling Detective Linden.

Frankly, Richmond, I’d be more worried about your new competition. Turns out you’re not the only laconic, gravel-voiced guy we’re going to meet on The Killing. No, Linden’s ex-husband, like you, doesn’t so much speak as clear his throat in a semi-articulate fashion.

(Quick aside: Did everyone catch who’s playing Linden’s ex? It’s Helo from Battlestar Galactica fame. By my count that makes three BSG alums on The Killing, though some have bigger roles than others. )

Most ridiculous fake Seattle thing: For Seattleites, these people seem awfully inept at email.

Current murder suspect: The question now is whether Richmond leans more Eliot Spitzer or more Ted Bundy. The writers want us thinking the latter for now. But we’ve been down that hole with them many times at this point. I bet next week’s finale will reveal that someone—Gwen? Jamie?—whacked Rosie to protect the candidate.

The season finale of The Killing airs Sunday, June 19, at 10pm on AMC.

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